Current Exibition

Jun Ahn

One Life

December 11th - January 5th

One Life 


40" x 60"

HDR Ultrachrome

Archival Pigment Print


Mizuma Kips and Wada Art presents a solo show from photographer Jun Ahn. In her series One Life, Jun Ahn intends to blend performance and photography. She asks her family members to throw apples repeatedly. She then selects one frame that shows the beauty of coincidence among the endless possibility of coordinates of the objects. One of her several project-based works that she has been continuously investigating is the hidden beauty of the world beyond our perception through high speed photography. Throughout several project-based works, she tries to reveal the aesthetic of the hidden structure of the world that cannot be seen since the speed of the phenomenon moves faster than our visual perception, such as the shape of the object during free fall. When one observes her works, they cannot predict where the apples may fall, making each attempt at a picture a completely unique coincidence. The real world is not staged, and events fall where they may, seemingly at random. It is this random quality she aims to capture in each print. Jun Ahn’s photographs blur the line between surrealism and reality. She acquired her undergraduate degree in art history at the University of Southern California before proceeding to her masters in photography with honors in Parsons-The New School for Design in 2012. She enrolled in a PhD. program at Hongik University in Seoul, where she received her doctorate in photography in 2017.