Current Exibition

Artists: Geppy Pisanelli, Aleksandar Popovic, 

Danielle Frankenthal, Vincenzo Scolamiero


Title: Turbulence

July 17th- August 4th 2019

the string.jpg

Geppy Pisanelli

The String

oil on linen

120x 164x 1.5 cm

Mizuma, Kips & Wada Art is proud to present a group show of painters whose works symbolize the term “turbulence.”


Aspects of light and space are disrupted by the movements of shadows and figures, constructing fields of enlightenment portrayed by the artists. Whether abstract or figurative, the works in this show generate conversation about our world through both scientific and cultural impact. Each artist interacts with light and the tangibility of the elements, ushering forth a perspective of the substructure of each of the individual paintings.